Jan. 09 2018

In addition to general lighting, which provides the necessary basic brightness in your home, indirect lighting is also necessary to give the whole lighting concept a complementary character. Floor lamps and up-lights are ideal for this purpose because they can only be used in areas where a socket, as an energy source, is already present. Their space saving construction, makes possible for floor lamps and up lights to be positioned almost anywhere in the room to produce pleasant lighting. The types of lamps unite, without a doubt, flexibility, aesthetic and functionality in a diversely transformable light source. Up-lights in classy designs, classical designs, standard lamps in a country house look or even modern, designer models can be found in several variations in our online shop.

Flexible lighting in your own home

With up-lights and floor lamps, you have the flexibility of providing indirect light at every point in your house, no matter whether you would like to put emphasis on a design object among furnishings or would like to give your reading corner the perfect cozy atmosphere, or use the lighting in different areas at different times. An up-light produces a bright but at the same time cozy light that is particularly apparent in a low ceiling room where a ceiling light could never be an alternative. Even larger rooms receive a warm lighting atmosphere, which invites you to spend time and relax.

Floor lamps and up-lights adjust ideally

Our product palette offers all sorts of models of floor lamps, which will fit into your home according to your expectations and needs. There are, for example, floor lamps with an additional up-light fitting, which can be individually operated and also pivoting spotlights which can be used perfectly as reading lights. A dimmer enables the easy and comfortable adjustment of the brightness of the room. Even the choice of lights can have a particular effect on the atmosphere in your Home. A warm white light from energy saving lamps or halogen lamps. Whether futuristic LED-floor lamps in chrome optic, elegant models or floor lamps with a sort of country house charm, Sussex Lighting offers an extensive choice, high quality and the best service at fair prices.