Jan. 09 2018

Crystal lighting in the contemporary or period home can lend a beautiful soft glow that can create easy elegance in the home. There is an amazing variety in terms of designs. Crystal lighting in the homes gives the designer opportunity to play around with reflections and create a stunning ambiance with intelligent shadow play on the ceilings or walls.
At Sussex Lighting we can offer you a choice from whole range of crystal lighting options from some of the most renowned makers in the world of lights. Options include a wide range that are all very different in terms of designs and styles…. be it the exquisite lamps or elegant Swarovski crystal chandeliers by Kolarz or the Unique variety of beautiful lights from Astro, Diyas, Imtex or Voltolina, the variety is varied and impeccable.
The name Swarovski has always been synonymous with the most prestigious of the crystal elements for over a century. The optic brilliance that these lighting jewels exude remains unmatched. You have options from modern crystal art pieces to traditional chandeliers, ceiling lights and wall sconces.
A selection from amongst these beautiful lighting fixtures is sure to lend a touch of elegance to your space and give it an aesthetic appeal like no other.
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